Erik Satie - Cinq nouvelles en forme de Poire                                                                                      Synopsis

This graphic novel consists of five narratives related by witnesses of the deconcerting life of Erik Satie. His childhood is told by one of the draftees of the military service; his life in Montmartre, by the humorist native of Honfleur, Alphonse Allais; his friendship with Claude Debussy is narrated by his brother Conrad; the scandal of the Ballets Russes "Parade", by Jean Cocteau and the poignant end of his life by his confidante Valentine Hugo. Then, the epilogue gives the point of view of Erik Satie himself. Each writing has its own graphic style, in echo with Satie's universe.


 " The talent of Bastien Loukia is to produce, thanks to the verb and thanks to the brush, the complexity, the peculiarity and the humor of Erik Satie, about which Jean Cocteau said that he was the unique musician of his time ".

Nicolas Seydoux