Born in Honfleur (France) in 1992, Bastien Loukia is a painter, a story writer and an illustrator for graphic novels. Passionate about music, comics and parapsychology, he is also very interested since his childhood in fantasy and fantastic world.

 In 2009 he decided to dedicate his first graphic novel to Erik Satie, a French musician who was also born in Honfleur, in the 19th century.

 At the age of 20 Bastien Loukia had an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in London. In 2013 his paintings were shawn at the Idea Gallery in Pragua (Czech Republic) and are now at the Arte Gallery (still in Pragua).

In 2014 he organized an exchange between artists of the cities of Honfleur and Pragua.

In 2016 his talent was recognized in France by a retrospective exhibition of his paintings and drawings at the Cultural center of the Dominicans (Pont L'Evêque, France), in parallel of the national release of his graphic novel about Erik Satie.

He is currently working on the first adaptation into a graphic novel of one of the greatest books ever written. It will be published in September 2019...


From 1 April to 29 April: exhibition at the Saint Honoré (gallery/tea room) Pont-L'Evêque (14)

May 25: book fair in Sainte-Mère-Eglise (50)

June 8: book fair in Vimoutiers (61)

July 7: book fair in Honfleur (14)

July 19-July 21: comic book festival in Montalivet (33)

September 19: book signing at the library Le Globe in Paris (75)

September 21: book signing at the library La Galerne in Le Havre (76)

September 28-29: book fair in Pont-L'Evêque (14)

October 11-13: thriller festival in Toulouse (31)

October 19-20: book fair in Livarot (14)

November 2: book fair in Trouville/Mer (14)



Crime et Châtiment, éd Philippe Rey, 2019

6 histoires de Sotteville, éd Yûbi, 2018

Erik Satie, Cinq Nouvelles en forme de Poire, éd BVR, 2016


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